Client sector: Social Impact / Consulting


Services: Web design, graphic design and illustration.


The Challenge

FLUYT was invited by its partner CHANGEABLE to support the VALOR team and their branding masterminds—Nigeria-based agency Sprout Digital, to create a print report and report microsite dedicated to showcase the learnings, approach and results of this innovative way to deliver HIV testing services and counselling.


The learnings and results presented in the report are intended to contribute to a growing body of evidence guiding implementers and stakeholders seeking to effectively promote and deliver HIV and other health services to men at scale.


The assets included a set of knowledge management materials intended to serve as resources to be shared with partners working in HIV testing and care services among men in other countries and contexts.

Web-Based Report

Home Page

Learning Plan Page

Print Report Design

VALOR stands for Virtually Accelerating Linkage of Men to Reframed HIV Services.


The project works to optimize the uptake of first time HIV testing and enrollment in care among undiagnosed and unlinked Nigerian men aged 20-35 through reframed, empathy-powered HIV messaging, and virtual navigators.


VALOR is an initiative supported by PEPFAR through USAID’s RISE project, together with the government of Nigeria. The project uses private-sector-style social media marketing to promote a virtual VIP Guide and referral service implemented through WhatsApp.