Client Sector: Social Impact / Consulting

Services: Brand strategy, branding, portfolio framing and website design.


Changeable is a behavior change consulting agency. Their expertise is to help socially conscious clients identify and understand behaviors to design effective behavior change programs that also boost their results.


Leveraging the power of empathy and behavioral sciences, Changeable can transform strategy to drive impact and improve lives.


The job done means revealing the complexity of behavior and imagining new ways to nudge humans towards healthy, clever choices for a better world.

Color Palette Inspiration

The primary colors are: midnight blue, teal, orange marigold, and raspberry red, brought together with the intention to surprise and ignite curiosity in the target audience.

The color hues of the brand are notably bright expressing optimism, and a sense of joy and passion for spurring people into action.

The mix of warm and cool colors reflects Changeable’s unique combination of both a scientific and people focused approach.


Logo Construction

The Changeable logo is typographic and uses a serif custom typeface with a duo color combination. The colors may be used interchangeably in three variations: midnight blue and teal (primary combination), midnight blue and orange, and midnight blue and bright red.


This color flexibility reinforces Changeable's dynamic brand, taking pride in its core values of adapting to the unique challenges of each client, and exploring new ways to bring about behavior change.

Use of Logo

Custom Illustrations and Collage